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Tips to Keep Rugs in Top Condition

6/17/2017 (Permalink)

Cleaning Tips to Keep Rugs in Top Condition Keep your rugs looking brand new all year long!

A rug can spice up the look of an entire room by accenting it with a pop of color or change the style with a unique pattern. It needs to be properly taken care of to ensure it lasts and doesn’t need to be replaced within the next year or two.

Padding and turning

Place padding under the rug to make it more comfortable to walk on. An underlay may be beneficial to prevent it from slipping on surfaces such as wood or stone flooring such as marble. An underlay protects the floor from damages from sliding rugs too. Rotate your rug every few months to ensure that it wears evenly. This is especially important if it is exposed to direct sunlight since direct exposure to the sun fades colors quickly.

Frequent vacuuming

Purchase a new vacuum if you don’t have one appropriate for the type of rug you have. Vacuum at least once a week to remove dirt, dust, dander, and crumbs. Do it more often if it is placed in a high traffic area where cleaning more often is required. You might not even be aware of all the ways contaminants get into the room and on the floor. These include air ducts, people walking through with shoes on or other particles light enough to float through the air.


Treat spills that occur immediately. The longer that you wait to take care of it the harder it will be to get out of the material. Only use cleaners and chemicals that are safe for the material to reduce the chances of causing, even more, damage to the rug. Always blot stains instead of rubbing them so you don’t push the stain further into the fibers.


Shampooing your rugs is something you should do on a regular basis, such as every six months for heavy traffic areas and once a year for others. It uses water and heat to suck up dirt and grime that has made its way deep into the fibers.


If your rugs have been damaged due to fraying, tearing or flooding you might need to seek the services of a company such as SERVPRO of Rutherford County to assist with restoring it to its original condition.

Take care of your carpeted areas and any rug you choose to place. Proper maintenance and care ensure it will remain in magnificent condition for years.

Tips to Prepare your HVAC for the Summer

6/6/2017 (Permalink)

Your home’s air conditioner is one of the most critical components on your property during the summer season. The outdoor air temperatures can soar, and this can dramatically impact your comfort level inside the home as well as your health and well-being. You may rely heavily on your HVAC system to keep your home’s interior cool and comfortable. However, because your HVAC system will be used heavily throughout the summer, it is important for you to follow a few usage tips for your air conditioner.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance service should be scheduled for your HVAC system before the summer months arrive. This type of service can be used to clean various components as well as to replace aging or worn out components before they cause a complete breakdown. Through maintenance service, you can enjoy clean air in the home, improved energy efficiency and fewer repair issues throughout the peak summer season.

Adjust Your Thermostat

You should also spend a few minutes adjusting your programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat makes it easier for you to moderate usage of your HVAC system and to control temperature in the home for comfort. Program higher temperature settings during the day when you are away from home and do not need the home to be as cool. Then, program cooler and more comfortable settings in the evening and nighttime hours when you will be at home.

Clean Your Air Ducts

Your HVAC system works by transporting climate-controlled air through air ducts and vents. These ducts can accumulate many particles over time, including dust, dirt, pet dander, bacteria and more. They can affect your indoor air quality as well as the efficiency of your HVAC system. A smart idea is to have your ducts professionally cleaned once per year if you live in a climate that demands heavy usage of your cooling system.

As you can see, there are several steps that you can and should take at the start of the summer season to prepare your HVAC system for the heavy usage that will occur in the months to come. While you can adjust your thermostat on your own, you need help with the other steps described here. The team at SERVPRO of Rutherford County is available to travel to your home and assist with your preperation. Now is a great time to schedule your appointment with the hardworking technicians at SERVPRO of Rutherford County.

Have High Air Conditioning Bills? Reduce the Cost with Blinds

5/28/2017 (Permalink)

Cleaning Have High Air Conditioning Bills? Reduce the Cost with Blinds Try these tips to keep cooling costs low this season!

If you are having a hard time keeping your cooling costs at a manageable rate in the summer, upgrading the window treatments in your home and utilizing energy efficient shades is an option to curb your problems. The air conditioner is one of the most costly appliances to run in the home, and if you can reduce the amount of time it has to run by keeping the temperature down inside the house, it can result in big savings. Here are some options to consider.

Have the Blinds Set on Timers

Since you aren't home to control the shades throughout the day, or you may not want to keep the shades closed all the time, set the shades on timers. Blinds that are on automatic timers save you time because you don't have to go around the entire house to close the window coverings when you want shade, or to open the shades when you want light. Instead, the window coverings will shut when the sun is the hottest and directed into your windows to keep the house cool.

Get Colored and Insulated Window Shades

The type of shades you have can affect your heating and cooling expenses. Choosing shades with colors and insulation will stop the heat from coming into the home, and will help stop cool air from your air conditioning unit from escaping. These window coverings will also contribute to lowering heating costs in the winter. There are shades designed for energy efficiency but are still stylish to look good with your décor in the home.

Have an HVAC professional come to your home to give the air conditioning unit a tune-up, to make sure that it's running as well it can, so you aren't wasting energy. There are a lot of ways that you can cut your cooling costs in the summer, and getting new window coverings that are going to help your home energy costs all year round are the most beneficial. Talk with professionals at SERVPRO of Rutherford County about having your air ducts cleaned. This will help lower your summer cooling bills as clean ducts keep your HVAC running efficiently. Give us a cal today to see how we can help you this summer!

Effective DIY Alternatives to Running an Air Conditioner

5/19/2017 (Permalink)

General Effective DIY Alternatives to Running an Air Conditioner Open your windows and give your HVAC a break!

During the warmer months of the year, it is common for residents in Rutherford County to leave their AC unit on throughout the day and night. While this can create a cool, comfortable indoor environment for you and your loved ones to enjoy, it can also yield high energy bills. The last thing you want is to pay a fortune on energy bills, and you may be looking for a reasonable alternative to this. The good news is that there are a few steps you can take to avoid relying on your AC unit for cool air throughout most of the summer and beyond. Here are some tips from SERVPRO of Rutherford County to keep your cooling costs down this season.

Use the Ceiling Fans

When you run your AC unit frequently, you increase the need of having to call a repair service. This is because extra wear and tear on your AC unit's various components can take its toll. You can save energy costs and prevent unnecessary repair issues from developing by turning on your ceiling fans. Take time to install ceiling fans in rooms that do not currently have one. Then, turn all ceiling fans on throughout the home, and leave all doors open. This can create a cool, gentle breeze flowing through the home. With this breeze, you may not need to run your AC unit at all.

Open the Windows

While the days may be very warm during the summer months, many nights are mild and pleasant. Some are even cool. You can open your windows at night to allow a cool breeze to filter through your home. This can negate the need to have AC air blowing through your air duct system at night. You can use the ceiling fans in conjunction with the open windows for the greatest effect. Close your windows in the morning to trap the cool air inside the home. Close the blinds to prevent the sun from heating up your home during the day.

There may still be some very warm days when you must close your windows and turn the air conditioner on. However, when you follow these easy steps, you can control the temperature in your home without relying so heavily on your AC system. Through these tips, you can decrease energy consumption and reduce the chance of having to call a team AC repair services.

Call SERVPRO of Rutherford County to schedule air duct cleanings as well. This keeps your HVAC running at peak performance when you do need to cool your house down!

How does your HVAC work?

5/17/2017 (Permalink)

General How does your HVAC work? Do you know what makes your HVAC tick?

Even though many of us rely on our HVAC systems every day, very few people know exactly how these machines keep our homes comfortable. These complex systems use compressors, blowers, and ducts to keep your home at a consistent temperature throughout the year. Here is a closer look at how your climate control works and what you can do to make sure that it lasts for as long as possible.

The Basics of Central Heating and Cooling

HVAC systems are typically comprised of a few primary components including an outdoor unit, a filtration system, ducts, a thermostat, and exhaust outlets. When the thermostat is set to a specific temperature, it will send electronic signals to the outdoor unit to turn it off and on. The unit then heats or cools the air until it has reached the desired temperature. These units are designed in many different ways, but most use a refrigerant to alter the temperature of any air that the blower brings in.

As the air is blown into the ducts, it will come out of all the open vents throughout your home. If the thermostat recognizes that the ambient temperature matches the settings, then the entire system will turn off. In some new models, outlets are used to vent any dangerous exhaust fumes. Many newer models are also classified as split systems, and that means they have two sets of thermostats and outdoor units to control the temperature settings in different areas of the home.

Keeping Your System Running Smoothly

In addition to scheduling regular service calls with a contractor from SERVPRO of Rutherford County, you also need to carry out some maintenance tasks on your own. That begins with changing your air filters as often as possible to prevent your system from overheating. If the air filters become clogged, then the system must work much harder to push air through the vents. Over time, that will cause your energy bills to skyrocket and reduce the air quality within your home.

Homeowners should also inspect their systems once every few weeks for any signs of damage, mold, or mildew. When you open up the vents and look into the air ducts, there should be little or no debris clinging to the walls. The outdoor unit should be carefully inspected as well to make sure that there isn't any rust or damage from wild animals.

How Can Dehumidifiers Help At Home

5/5/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation How Can Dehumidifiers Help At Home Dehumidifiers could help you manage moisture at home.

How Can Dehumidifiers Help At Home

A dehumidifier will remove excess moisture from your home. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, live in a humid climate, have issues with condensation, or have mold problems, a dehumidifier could be the solution. The following are five ways a dehumidifier will help you achieve clean air within your home.


Mold, mildew, and dust mites are all allergy triggers. They love humidity. Any room with poor circulation such as bathrooms and basements are prone to allergy triggers that can spread throughout the home. A dehumidifier decreases the moisture that can support allergens as well as prevent some forms of virus and bacteria growth.

Pest Control

Several pests like roaches and spiders also love humid conditions. They gravitate towards these areas. If you have noticed unwelcome pests in your house, a dehumidifier could discourage more from coming in. Take note of where you see the most pests. These areas are rooms where humidity levels are high.


Having high humidity and moisture in your home can create structural damage. Condensation builds up and causes mold to form. Moisture also causes warping and deterioration. Even the furniture will become damaged over time. If you find a musty odor in your home or notice peeling paint and wallpaper, you could need a dehumidifier to prevent further damage.


You will be much more comfortable if you have the proper humidity levels within your home. This is especially true for those that live in muggy or tropical climates. Indoor air improves in quality and feels cooler with the use of a dehumidifier.

Energy Costs

Dehumidifiers allow the air conditioner to work effectively. It removes moisture from the air which means the AC won’t have to work as hard to keep a comfortable temperature in your home. This saves wear and tear on the unit as well as lower energy use.

If you are having issues with allergens, mold and mildew, or moisture damage, SERVPRO of Rutherford County can help you clean up your home and air ducts. Follow up with the use of a dehumidifier to keep the air within your home clean and comfortable.

“Mold Removal” vs Mold Remediation In Your Home

4/28/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation “Mold Removal” vs Mold Remediation In Your Home Let SERVPRO of Rutherford County handle your mold-related issues!

Mold is a four-letter word and it's a fungus, so it must be bad, right? Not always. Like most other things, this fungus has its pros and cons. One of the pros is that leaf mold helps plants keep moisture and provides great conditions for organisms living in the soil. One of the cons is that when any variety of the fungus is inside a home or business, it is often linked to health concerns. That means, for humans, it is potentially a hazard and a danger.

Troubling Signs

Before you can fix the problem, you need to find out if you actually have one. Sometimes it's visible, and other times it's smell-able. If you smell a strong, musty odor, it's probably fungus. Other signs to watch for include peeling paint, warping walls and any type of moisture, including leaks, humidity and dampness. These signs are a clear sign that you need professional help.


The name strachybotrys chartarum may not sound familiar, but its common name of black-mold does. It's one of the most common types of the fungus found inside houses and business. No one wants that, of course, so it's definitely an issue to deal with. The question is how? Some companies offer to completely rid your home of the potential toxins, but that is not possible. The fungus spores are microscopic, multicellular thread-like organisms that exist everywhere. Getting rid of all them is impossible, so a business offering complete removal is offering something they can't deliver.


When a house or business has a fungus problem, it is overgrown and out of control. Remediation can solve this problem. SERVPRO of Rutherford County will make sure the fungus reaches normal levels.

A Plan of Action

A proper remedy requires a restoration company that understands the scientific aspects of fungus and how it grows. SERVPRO of Rutherford County has qualified professionals with the skills and expertise needed to examine the problem and deal with it the right way. Because each house or business is different, a SERVPRO rep thoroughly inspects the damage to make an assessment and develop an individual treatment. Once that plan is set, these are the steps to resolve the issue.


  1. Fungus containment


  1. Air filtration


  1. Remove fungus and materials infested with it


  1. Clean belongings and contents


  1. Restoration

If you have a mold problem, let SERVPRO of Rutherford County take care of it!

How Can Mold Remediation Help You at Home

4/20/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation How Can Mold Remediation Help You at Home If you have a mold problem in your home, we can help you manage it!

It can be scary situation for any homeowner faced with a mold problem. The growth of this nuisance can lead to several different types of health problems, and in the worst cases it can actually become fatal. Knowing this, you will want to address the issue by contacting a professional mold remediation service. The following information will show you how hiring experts like those at SERVPRO of Rutherford County can help you at home.

Get Rid of the Problem for Good

Like we mentioned already, this problem can be dangerous and even toxic. Hiring a professional remediation expert to rid your house of the danger is the best decision you can make. They will take the necessary action to deal with the problem, and prevent its return in the future. Instead of exposing you and your loved ones to additional dangers, they have the skills and equipment to effectively manage your problem.

Remove Moisture

Spores that cause mildew issues need moisture to multiply and grow. The experts can find the places in your home where moisture has become a problem. They can also identify how to stop the moisture from coming back in the future. Stopping further growth of the spores is key when fighting this situation.

Find Hidden Problem Areas

The remediation specialists at SERVPRO of Rutherford County know where to search for hidden issues that you may not even know exist. Mildew can grow in attics, between walls, in closets, and in basements as well as any other place that accumulates moisture in the dark. Their experts understand this and are capable of identifying the signs that most need addressing.

Once you have discovered you have any of these issues within your home you will naturally be fearful. Moisture and mildew problems can cause you and your loved ones to become ill. Left unresolved, these problems can become fatal. Address the problem quickly by contacting the remediation experts. They can remove the problem as well as prevent further issues so that you can once again have peace of mind.

5 Efficient Ways to Prevent the Growth of Mold in Your Home

4/14/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation 5 Efficient Ways to Prevent the Growth of Mold in Your Home Open your windows and let air circulate through your home!

Mold is a fungus that reproduces through spores that travel in the air, both indoors and outdoors. They thrive in areas with high humidity and moisture. Water-mold is beneficial outdoors as they help to decompose dead organic matter like leaves. They, however, are a cause of irritation and allergies when indoors, causing coughing, skin rashes and headaches. To prevent home loss due to out-of-control fungus, find below some ways to prevent it:

1) Regulate Moisture Levels

This means keeping your house dry, free from both moisture and humidity. One of the ways to do this is by using a hygrometer that lowers the level of humidity; keeping it below 60%.

2) Always Ventilate the House

Air circulation is crucial in the prevention of water-mold at home. Opening windows to let air in, especially in the bathroom, is one way to ensure good air circulation. The use of ceiling fans to circulate air is also crucial.

3) Fix Leaking Pipes, Gutters and Roofs

As pointed out earlier, water-mold thrives in moisture; hence, it is important to fix any areas of the house that might have leakages. Diligently checking areas where leakages may occur, aids in the prevention of water-mold.

4) Clean Spills and Floods Immediately

Clean fluids poured on the floor immediately as water-mold grows within 24-48 hours. Wiping floodwater and spills immediately guarantees safety from water-mold growth. In addition, wiping bathroom walls using molding killers will ensure safety.

5) Avoid Hanging Wet Clothes Indoors and Eliminate Clutter

In the event that one does not have a clothes dryer, it is advisable to look for a spot outside the house to hang clothes. This is because wet clothes increase moisture levels in the home. Eliminate clutter like draperies that block AC grills. It is advisable to add water-mold inhibitors to paint before painting as this will prevent the growth of water-mold.

The above list is important in the prevention of water-mold. In cases where mold is growing in the home, it is advisable to seek the help of professionals like SERVPRO of Rutherford County. We use the latest techniques and equipment to remediate water-mold. We swiftly respond to emergency calls with a specialist team consisting of a microbial remediation specialist, a water damage restoration technician and an applied structural drying technician. We're ready to help you recover faster from any disaster, so give us a call today!

Clean Homes Sell Faster!

4/7/2017 (Permalink)

Cleaning Clean Homes Sell Faster! Your home will fly off the market if it is clean!

As a real estate agent, your primary goal is to help your clients sell their homes for top dollar as quickly as possible. The condition of the home is an important factor, and the reality is that clean homes sell faster than homes with serious dirt, odor or mold issues. Realtors can better serve their clients by identifying issues related to water damage, mold in crawl spaces and more by suggesting cleanup or treatment of these areas before listing the home.

What You Can Do

There are many things that can cause water damage and mold in homes. A plumbing leak that was not fixed, drainage issues and leaky windows are often common causes. As a real estate agent, you can make an effort to visually inspect window sills, crawl spaces, ceilings and cabinetry under kitchen sinks. These are among the most common spaces where you may spot damage from water or even mold growth. You may also determine if the home smells musty or like mildew. If you notice an issue, you may need to educate your client about how this type of damage can impact their ability to sell the home.

How to Educate Your Client

Damage from water is a warning sign for many buyers, and some buyers may cross the home off of their list. This is because moisture and areas that were previously moist are signs of potential mold growth. The area itself may be rotted, deteriorated and warped, and this is damage that must be repaired. Also, the potential for mold growth can be a huge red flag because mold can cause illness and property damage. It can also be expensive to remedy. Many buyers do not want to take on this risk when they could easily choose another home that does not have damage.

After you have explained the situation to your client, you may suggest that they call SERVPRO of Rutherford County. The SERVPRO team can repair damage from water and can remediate any mold that may be present. When the property is later listed, it will be in great condition so that it is more appealing to buyers.