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How to Spring Clean Your Kitchen

4/2/2018 (Permalink)

From blossoming daffodils to squeaky baby ducklings, it’s that time of the year when everything seems to have a new lease of life. As you bid farewell to the dark days of winter, you need to make your home feel fresher and more livable.

Now that the harsh weather is over, you no longer have an excuse for not getting rid of those stubborn Thanksgiving and Christmas stains in your kitchen. Spring cleaning may feel like you’re exhuming year-long clutters of dirt and debris in your home, but it’s worth it. And with the right guidance, it’s much easier than you think.

Here are some useful tips for cleaning your kitchen after the winter:

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

1. Clean from Top to Bottom

After a long winter of inactivity, you will notice that most surfaces in your kitchen will have accumulated a lot of dust and dirt. To avoid spreading dust to already cleaned surfaces, you should use the top-to-bottom approach when cleaning.

This means that you should start by dusting on the highest points of your kitchen such as the ceilings, walls, shelves, window frames, cabinet fronts, and countertops, and work your way down. As a rule of the thumb, let the kitchen floor be the last thing you clean.

2. Pay Special Attention to the Refrigerator

There is a pretty good chance that you haven’t cleaned your refrigerator for quite a while now. Maybe you have given it the occasional wipe, but that’s not enough.

For a thorough spring clean, you need to empty it and deep clean it using a suitable all-purpose cleaner with antibacterial properties. Don’t just focus on the inside, the exterior will also need a good scrub.

In addition, if you haven’t moved your refrigerator from its usual spot for quite some time, it’s about time you do it. You will be horrified at the gross stuff that has accumulated back there. Clean, disinfect, and dry the spot before placing the fridge back.

Before you store food back into the fridge after cleaning, check if any of them is expired. You can use refrigerator organizers to keep everything tidy and neat.

3. Don’t Forget to Descale Your Kettle

Spring cleaning will obviously involve cleaning all your utensils. However, the kettle is often ignored or cleaned wrongly.

Following a winter of countless cups of coffee and tea, the inside of your kettle may catch a little grime. It is, therefore, necessary to descale it using a weak acid, preferably a descaling agent. If you don’t have a descaling agent, you can use vinegar to remove the mineral deposits.

Just fill your kettle with water and add half a cup of white vinegar, then leave the mixture undisturbed for 12 hours. This will eliminate all the surface scale on your kettle. If your kettle is made of chrome, you can also use white vinegar to buff up its exterior.

4. Use Soda to Remove Stubborn Stains

Soda bicarbonate might be a baker’s closest friend, but do you know that it can also work magic in your kitchen spring cleaning? You don’t need expensive cleaning products to clean greasy sinks and other surfaces in your kitchen.

All you need to do is sprinkle a little soda on a damp cloth, and you’re all set to combat those stubborn stains on your crockery, refrigerator, and other dirty kitchen surfaces. It is most suited for cleaning steel and chrome utensils, as it can cut through ingrained dirt without etching the surface.

One of the advantages of soda bicarbonate is that it softens hard water. This makes the cleaning process a walk in the park.

5. Keep Your Windows Open During and After Cleaning

Since you will be stirring up a lot of dust as you clean, you need to keep your windows open, so that the dust doesn’t settle back on the kitchen surfaces. This will also help in removing bad odor in your home.

Even after you are done with cleaning, leave your windows open and let your home feel the clean, warmer air of spring.

Who to Call for Spring Cleaning Services in Rutherford County

We understand that spring cleaning can be hectic and often overwhelming – especially in large homes. If you need to get more than just your kitchen cleaned, SERVPRO is available for large-scale cleaning projects. Our cleaning technicians are highly skilled and equipped to handle any kind of cleaning project.

Do not hesitate to seek our top-notch services, we are only a phone call away!

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