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Leaving Your Home for Summer? Check for Water Damage First

6/6/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Leaving Your Home for Summer? Check for Water Damage First These commercial dryers will dehumidify your Murfreesboro home.

The kids are out of school, you’ve got 2 weeks off, and the sun is shining.

It must be summer.

By now, you’ve probably been planning a great summer vacation to take and are counting the days until your departure.

While you’re sure to double check every final detail on tickets, pricings, and reservations, it can be very easy to overlook safety preparations for the home front.

Some of these are pretty standard like locking the doors and making sure appliances are turned off.

But have you thought about water damage?

Water damage can happen at any time. The innocent mistake of overlooking a leaky pipe or water stain can lead to mold or even emergency restoration projects. While you’re off enjoying your summer travel, the heat and humidity can be wreaking havoc at home.

At SERVPRO Nashville, we know how easy it is for these problems to occur and certainly how they can add up over time. To help you get your home ready for your summer travel, we’ve come up with some quick water damage prevention tips, which can help you make sure mold doesn’t move in while you’re away.

SERVPRO’s Fast-4 Water Damage Prevention Tips

  1. Keep a Cool Home

Summer heatwaves are sure to not only make for warmer sun-filled days, but also can be mold’s best friend. If you already have existing wet or moist places in your home and leave them unattended, you’re asking for the mold to multiply. While you’re at the beach getting a tan, the mold will be taking a hold.

To prevent mold from forming or growing in your home, make sure to set a climate where it cannot thrive. Mold will grow best at temperatures of 77-degree Fahrenheit and more. If you set the temperature lower, you’ll be able to starve any existing moisture of the heat it needs and ideally keep any moist areas from getting too humid.

It’s better to pay a higher electricity bill than to be at risk of water damage and need emergency restoration down the line.

  1. Keep it Clean

The small leak you’ve been having could turn into a much bigger problem.

If you’re seeing pipes or appliances leaking and you haven’t been attending to them, there is most likely water damage present. When left unattended, this seemingly harmless moisture can evolve into mold, mildew, dry rot, and even structural damage to your home. It may not be that way now but when exposed to summer heat and humidity, it won’t take long for mold to take ahold.

A great tip would be to clean up any areas in your home that you know create a lot of moisture or those that have given you issues in the past.

  1. Gut Your Gutters

The last thing you want to do is to return well-rested from your vacation to find an overflowing gutter.

Cleaning your gutter should be something you keep in mind year-round but is especially something you should consider doing before leaving for an extended period. Blocked water can damage your roof and even the gutter itself. A summer of heavy rains would only make this worse. It’s not a pretty job to do, but it’s one worth looking into before hitting the road.

  1. Turn Off Your Water Main

Examining your water main should be a habit for any homeowner, but especially so during summer travel season.

Before you set off for your vacation, make sure the water main is turned off. It’s a simple tip and unless you have preexisting water damage in your home, it’s one that can prevent most pipe or leak-related incident from happening. Existing water issues may persist, but at least they won’t be amplified by running water.

A Happy Home

SERVPRO has emergency restoration and other services available if your water damage and mold problems have already gotten out of hand. We’re here to remedy them so you can focus on taking a well-deserved vacation.

However, these damages and headaches may still be preventable. If you use a few of our tips you’ll be steps further from having water damage and much closer to a mold-free summer vacation.

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