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The Right Way To Unclog a Pipe With a Snake Tool

6/28/2021 (Permalink)

Plumbing issues, occupation in sanitation and handyman contractor concept with plumber repairing drain with plumbers snake Unclog a pipe with a snake tool.

It’s hard to imagine anyone not dealing with a clogged drain at some point in his or her life. Whether it’s a kitchen sink, a toilet, a shower, or a drain in the laundry room, you’ve probably fussed with this issue at your Christiana, TN, home. You can always try cleaning the drain or trap, and plungers certainly can work. However, for your toughest jobs, a snake may be the way to go.

What It Does

A snake is a coiled, spiral tool you can use to unclog stopped drains. Normally, it’s about one-quarter of an inch thick and has a handle on the other end. It works differently than a plunger:

  • You push the snake farther into the drain to meet the object causing the blockage.
  • It breaks up the obstruction.
  • It helps you pull out the obstruction.
  • A snake is long and usually reaches far into the pipe.
  • This device can help with a pipe break or a major clog.

Step One: Push It Into the Drain

Your first task is to take the snake by the handle and push the opposite end into the drain. At the same time, turn the handle. The auger will then start traveling deeper into the clogged drain.

Step Two: Keep Going

Some stopped drains have blockage far into the drain, so it’s important to continue pushing with high pressure and force. This will get your snake farther into the drain. If you continue to crank the handle, it should bend around the trap under the sink. You shouldn’t have much trouble at this point reaching the culprit.

Step Three: Rotate the Tool Until You Know You’ve Freed the Object

It may take some effort, but as you continue turning the snake, you should feel the object being released and moving freely in the pipe. You’ll either break up the object or pull it right out.

A clogged drain can be a pain to repair, but a snake could do the trick. You can also get in touch with a sewage cleanup specialist to give you a hand.

3 Surprising Things You Can Do To Reduce the Smell of Cigarette Smoke

6/28/2021 (Permalink)

Smoke on black background If you are dealing with home deodorization need call professional restoration services.

Ways To Reduce The Smell Of Cigarette Smoke

Home deodorization in Eagleville, TN, can be a challenge, especially if you or a family member smokes. Whether you are getting ready to host friends or family members or you just want to be ready for unexpected company, here are a few surprising things you can do to reduce the smell of cigarette smoke in your furniture and carpets and throughout your home.

1. Use Vinegar

Vinegar might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cigarette removal, but it’s very good at removing stubborn scents from a variety of fabrics. If you have pillow cases, blankets, or decorative throws that are saturated with the scent of your cigarettes, throw them in the wash with two cups of vinegar. Then put them through a regular drying cycle. You’ll be surprised at how fresh-smelling they are when you pull them out. If the smell of cigarette smoke lingers, wash them once more to get rid of it completely.

2. Sprinkle Baking Soda on Furniture

Baking soda is a well-known air-freshening tool. It’s frequently used in refrigerators to soak up the smell of old, rotten food. You can also use it to absorb the smell of stale cigarette smoke. For home deodorization purposes, sprinkle baking soda on all soft furniture surfaces in your home. It won’t work very well on leather, but it should work great on fabric furniture. After sprinkling generously across all furniture, use your hands to smooth it out and make it disappear into the fabric. After letting it sit for at least 10 minutes, vacuum it up. You can use the same technique on carpets, rugs and drapes.

3. Repaint or Replace

In some cases, cigarette odor is so pervasive that it can’t be removed with simple cleaning methods. In this case, may want to consider repainting your home or replacing old, smelly carpets if the scent bothers you enough.

If you have tried the above steps and you still have an odor, try calling professional restoration services. They have the tools and expertise necessary to handle your home deodorization needs.

Why Do I Need Commercial Flood Insurance?

6/28/2021 (Permalink)

standing water on carpet in an office building Storm damage in Rockvale, TN.

Expenditures are plentiful when you are a business owner in Rockvale, TN. However, you feel confident that the commercial insurance plan you have will cover your property and contents in a disaster. What about flood insurance? Is it mandatory? What are the benefits?

Mandatory Flood Insurance

There are times when you must purchase insurance coverage for potential flooding at your place of business:

• If your commercial property is located in a high-risk flood area, your mortgage company may require you to obtain this insurance.

• Flood zone maps designate which areas are low or high risk. When maps are rezoned, your business designation may change. The mortgage lender may notify you if your property is now in a high-risk flood zone, which requires purchasing additional insurance.

• At times, mortgage companies require insurance against flooding regardless of the flood zone.

Benefits of Insurance for Flooding

Flooding happens in areas regardless of the risk level. Even if you are not mandated to ensure your commercial property from floods, it is still a good idea:

• A basic commercial insurance policy does not typically cover floodwater. If water damage is not covered, you will probably have to pay a significant amount out of pocket.

• Even though there are federal programs in place to assist you in the event of a declared disaster, the money is not designed to fully cover complete restoration. Insurance can provide funds to restore your property to preflood condition.

• The water restoration specialist and your insurance agent can partner with you to seamlessly and efficiently get your business up and running after a flood.

Primarily depending on the location of your business in Rockvale, TN, you may be federally mandated to buy flood insurance. If you are not required to, it still makes good business sense to include it as a component of your commercial insurance policy. That way, you can be confident that your property is covered in the unfortunate event of flooding and water damage.

Why Your Business Needs a Power Generator

6/14/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial power generator Commercial power generator.

A severe storm can cause a power outage at your small business in Smyrna, TN. You don't need to shut down while you wait for it to return if you have a plan in place to rely on alternate power sources.

Why You Need a Back Up Plan

Severe weather, including rain, snow, hail and wind, can cause long-term damage to your business that may require the intervention of a disaster recovery service. If your business loses power, you risk additional financial harm due to:

  • An inability to receive calls and emails from clients
  • Reduction in employee productivity
  • Lost electronic data
  • Spoilage of perishable inventory

These consequences are avoidable if you use an alternate power source. Generators provide the most reliable solution for your business.

Generator Options
Choosing a generator for your business involves understanding your energy usage and the amount of space available to accommodate the unit. A portable generator is sufficient for most small businesses. It is usually mounted on a trailer and allows you to select the required voltage for specific tasks. These generators are easy to store when not in use.
Suppose a power outage at your business happens while you are not there, and losing power would cause significant hardship. In that case, you may prefer to invest in a standby generator that can kick in immediately. These generators integrate into a facility and are invaluable for businesses such as restaurants or grocery stores where food spoilage is a concern.
For businesses that handle sensitive information, such as accounting firms or medical offices, a standby generator coupled with an uninterruptible power supply is an ideal option. A UPS is a backup battery capable of running during a brief period before a standby generator begins working. It plays a vital role in the prevention of lost computer data.

Preparation Makes a Difference
When you expect weather that could lead to a power outage in Smyrna, TN, consider using a generator to continue business as usual.

5 Tips To Prevent Mold Growth in Your Bathroom

6/14/2021 (Permalink)

Mold growth on bathroom tiles Mold damage in the bathroom.

Keeping Your Bathroom Dry and Mold - Free

Can homeowners in La Vergne, TN, avoid unpleasant water damage and fungal growth in the bathroom? This space is a naturally moist location, fraught with humidity and pipes. Because the room is likely to develop this hazard, residents should take a proactive approach, consistently minimizing lingering water exposure. The following are five tips for keeping your bathroom dry and mold-free.

1. Use the Exhaust Systems
Inside your bathroom should be fans. These devices extract humidity from the air. This dampness, if allowed to linger, spawn mold. It's best to keep them on both during and after your shower or bath. Plan for about 30 minutes.

2. Dry Off Tile
Mold growth sets in when water meets fungus spores. These decomposing microbes live naturally within the house and yard. They become problematic when dampness triggers reproduction. At that point, the organism starts to feast on organic matter such as wood and insulation. Reduce the water sticking to your shower and tub by wiping it down after each use. Keep a squeegee in the shower stall. Grab it at the end.

3. Invest in Moisture-Absorbing Products
Some rooms are harder to keep dry. To stop water damage, place moisture-absorbing products in those sections. Consider under the sinks or within the toilet room.

4. Check Plumbing
For effective mold prevention, inspect the pipelines every so often. Open up the vanity doors. See if any leaks have started. Be cautious if rust or corrosion is present. Fix these concerns immediately. If you observe staining, a strange odor or discoloration, contact a mold remediation company for inspection.

5. Grout and Caulk Yearly
Don't let water penetrate through the tile. Be sure to seal it, maintaining a waterproof barrier. If dampness breaks through, it could begin a hidden mold colony. You may not know of the infestation until it has become severe.
Water damage isn't just excess fluid. It's the beginning of a mold infestation. To avoid this complication, concentrate on catching difficulties early and maintaining a dry environment.

3 Ways To Prepare for an Office Fire

4/19/2021 (Permalink)

Two workers wearing protective gear, one is with a shovel and the other person with a plastic bag. Clean up services after severe fire damage in Murfreesboro, TN.

3 Ways To Prepare for an Office Fire

Thinking about a possible fire at your office in Murfreesboro, TN can be intimidating. However, office fires are not uncommon. According to the National Fire Protection Association, it is estimated that over 3,300 fires occurred annually in U.S. offices from 2007-2011. Thorough preparation of your fire sprinkler systems and other fire safety elements means your office can be better situated if a fire does occur.

1. Ensure Fire Detection and Suppression Systems Are Working
Preventing fires is always the best strategy, and working smoke detectors are essential. Check your office’s detectors monthly.
If a fire does break out, sprinklers may be your first line of defense in fire suppression. The National Fire Protection Association has thorough guidelines for inspecting sprinklers, which range from quarterly to annual inspections for different components of the system. Your office staff should be familiar with these guidelines to ensure your fire sprinkler system is functioning and equipped to deal with any problems.

2. Maintain an Office Fire Escape Plan
All employees should know to follow an up-to-date emergency plan. Hold regular drills and seminars to ensure that if a fire starts, employees know where to go and what to do. Be sure to identify and clearly mark emergency exits — whether by door or window — and an outdoor gathering place for employees to meet.

3. Be Prepared for the Aftermath of a Fire
What happens immediately after a fire can be as crucial as events during the fire itself. Damage can occur from flames, smoke, and water — fire sprinkler cleanup can end up being a significant chore in itself. Have contact information for a fire restoration service in Murfreesboro, TN, so you can take immediate action in the fire’s aftermath.
Office fires may be daunting, but readiness is a vital tool. Certifying that your staff, as well as your fire sprinkler systems, are prepared allows for a prompt response in case a fire does break out.

How To Protect Your Commercial Building From Rain Damage

3/30/2021 (Permalink)

ladder in the middle of a room, air movers, worker placing plastic on floor. Concept of water restoration services Drying equipment on a commercial building.

Rain damage can cause serious problems for your Milton, TN, business. Fortunately, proper maintenance can help keep the building protected and in good condition.


To protect your commercial building from inclement weather, it is important to maintain the building envelope. The envelope is the barrier between the outdoors and indoors. An envelope is considered loose if it allows significant airflow from outside in and tight if it does not. The envelope is made up of several components:

  • Roof
  • Walls
  • Foundation
  • Windows
  • Doors

Routine maintenance and regular inspections work together to keep your building's envelope strong and tight. Check for and repair cracks in the foundation and walls. Make sure the roof is leak-free and that the shingles or other roofing materials are secure. Doors and windows should be properly aligned and sealed.
Some business owners are comfortable performing inspections of the envelope themselves. Others prefer to hire a professional. Either way, it is important that the building be examined regularly to catch minor issues before they become serious problems.

Unfortunately, even buildings with properly maintained envelopes can suffer rain damage. If water inundates your business, it is important to act quickly to prevent structural damage and mold growth. Although black mold is the most notorious, all fungi can cause problems.
Dry the property out as quickly as possible. A certified restoration service can help with this step, but you may be able to start the process yourself if you have access to a wet/dry vacuum.
After the standing water has been removed, there will still be moisture in porous items. Fans and dehumidifiers can be used to finish drying the area. When everything is dry, professionals can help you determine what can be cleaned and salvaged and what needs to be replaced.
The building envelope is your commercial structure’s primary defense against storm and rain damage. Keeping it in good shape is the best way to protect your business from inclement weather.

5 Tips on How to Prevent Fire Damage to Your Home

3/25/2021 (Permalink)

Aftermath of a church fire in Murfreesboro, TN SERVPRO of Rutherford County can handle any size fire loss in the Murfreesboro area.

For the average homeowner, the very mention of fire damage is enough to strike terror into anyone’s heart.

According to FEMA, a fire can become life-threatening in just two minutes. In as little as five minutes, your home could be engulfed in fire.

When it comes to residential or commercial fire damage, fire safety is one thing that you can’t put on the back burner. Taking the proper steps on how to prevent fire damage can go a long way in saving your belongings and avoiding costly repairs.

5 Tips on How to Prevent Fire Damage

1. Observe Proper Installation of Fire Alarms

Fire alarms and smoke detectors are your home’s first line of defense. Early detection of smoke will not only save your property but most importantly, your life as well.

While the installation of smoke detectors has become a law, there are still many properties that don’t install their fire prevention systems properly. One of the first things to ensure is the proper installation of your fire alarm system. Larger buildings should have multiple fire alarms on each level.

As a general rule, you should follow these guidelines for a proper fire alarm installation:

  • Avoid placing the detector in recessed ceilings
  • Don’t install the detector near vents, doors, or fans
  • Install the device 2 feet from any corner
  • Install it 10 feet away from the stove
  • Install it 2 feet away from any lighting fixture

It’s always a good idea to test your fire alarm system once every month. Batteries should be replaced at least twice a year.

2. Watch Out for Candle Burns

A little burning candle never really caused any real damage, right?

Well, not really!

According to the National Fire Protection Association, candles caused 2% of home structure fires. Any source of fire poses a risk to your property’s safety.

Candles are great for setting the mood and providing a nice scent for the room but they shouldn’t be left unattended. Also, make sure that you place the candles on flat surfaces and away from drapes, pets, and children.

3. Inspect Home Appliances and Lights

Inspection of your home appliances and lights should be a part of regular home maintenance.

Make sure that your wires, plugs, and bulbs are not damaged. Just by having pets or using the vacuum can cause damage to your appliance wires. Once damaged wires are plugged, it might cause the appliance or light fixture to catch fire. Always keep your wires and cords organized and refrain from placing them under a rug or between a piece of furniture and a wall.

Double checking your appliances before plugging will help prevent fire damage in your home.

4. Pay Attention to Cooking and Heating Equipment

Aside from open flames, cooking and heating equipment are also primary causes of fires in the home.

For starters, you should make it a habit to keep your stove and oven clean. You should pay more attention to cleaning the grease around your stovetop since this can lead to a grease fire. Clean the vents, filters, and grease traps to prevent grease fires. Also, you should make it a point to keep flammable items away from the stove.

As for your heating equipment, make sure that it is installed and maintained by a qualified professional. Also, you need to check the heating device for potential damage on a regular basis.

5. Have Fire Extinguishers at the Ready

The worst thing that can happen once a fire breaks out is having no way to extinguish it. If you don’t have one already, it’s important that you secure a fire extinguisher for your home.

However, just having a fire extinguisher is not enough.

Make sure that you inform every family member where to retrieve the fire extinguisher. On top of that, everyone should know how to properly use the extinguisher in case a fire breaks out.

Get Restoration Professionals to Help You

If you’re unlucky and weren’t able to prevent damage to your home, your best bet is to work with a company that specializes in fire damage restoration.

Restoration is often cheaper than replacing the damaged areas. Plus, the former solution is a lot faster as well. For your fire restoration needs in Rutherford County, Murfreesboro, and Smyrna, don’t hesitate to call SERVPRO of Rutherford County.

How To Use Candles Safely

3/22/2021 (Permalink)

Battery powered candle If you want to use candles, consider flameless options.

There is nothing quite like the flickering flame of a lit candle, particularly if you are trying to be romantic. Unfortunately, they can be dangerous as well as romantic. A candle fire can very quickly cause massive destruction.

General Rules

There are some general rules you should always obey when using candles:

  • Keep clothes, hair and cloth away from the open flame
  • Never leave a burning candle in a vacant room
  • Don't use candles under shelves
  • Always place them on a heat-resistant surface

These rules may seem basic, but a lot of damage can occur if they are ignored. According to the NFPA, approximately 8,200 fires are started by candles every year, and many of these destroy homes. If you have a fire, you may need a smoke cleanup and fire damage remediation company in Blackman, TN.

Jarred Candles
Some people think that jarred candles are safer, but this is not the case. When they burn down to the bottom, the wax can superheat the glass. This causes the jar to explode. If you use jarred candles, make sure you do not burn them below the safety point (about 2 inches above the bottom of the candle.) Not only can they cause a candle fire, but the exploding glass is also dangerous.

Safer Options
If you want to use candles, consider flameless options. These are battery-operated versions that flicker just like the real ones. This can save you and your home. Flameless candles even come in scented versions that use fans and essential oils to provide the same fragrant effects. They are child and pet safe even if they are knocked over. The only thing you have to worry about is changing the batteries.
Candles can be beautiful, but it is always best to remember that they are an open flame. Candle fire incidents cost homeowners thousands of dollars every year. Taking simple safety precautions can save your home.

Tips for Preventing Water Damage When You Are Away

3/9/2021 (Permalink)

Insulation for pipes Insulate your pipes to protect them from extreme temperatures.

Tips for Preventing Water Damage When You Are Away

Taking a trip is a great way to unwind from the stress of everyday life. Coming home to find you need water pipe repair and damage mitigation can negate the relaxation you just enjoyed, though. Preparing your home before your trip is the best way to prevent unpleasant surprises when you return.

Inspection and Maintenance
According to water damage specialists, proper maintenance can help you avoid a flooded home. Before you go on your trip, complete your maintenance checklist:

  • Check for cracked and rusted pipes or supply lines
  • Inspect roof for damage or weak spots
  • Clean gutters and downspouts
  • Test your sump pump to ensure it's working properly

Pipe Protection
Water pipe repair becomes necessary when unprotected pipes burst from freezing or other types of damage. If you are traveling away from your home in Walterhill, TN, during the winter, make sure that you have taken the necessary precautions. Insulate your pipes to protect them from extreme temperatures, particularly if they are located in exterior walls. Keep the heater on in your home so that the interior temperature stays warm enough to keep pipes from freezing. Open cabinets under each sink to ensure that warm air can get to the pipes.

Outside Assistance
While you are away, it helps to have someone else who can be your eyes and ears in your absence. Enlist the help of friend or neighbor to keep a watch on your home and look for signs of a broken pipe or other trouble while you are not there. If there is no one available to help, consider turning off your water main before you leave to keep water out of your pipes.
The best time for water pipe repair is before the leak causes damage to your home. If you take the right preventative measures before you leave for your trip, you can relax knowing that your home is safe in your absence.